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Need to kill tvheadend service on resuming from suspend - Added by Patrick Swayze almost 5 years ago I'll try to get a log, but not sure what log file you would need to study what's happening. If you could be more precise, I'll be very grateful to you.

TV-Tuner Phillips SAA7130 on Mandriva

Need to kill tvheadend service on resuming from suspend - Added by Prof Yaffle almost Lifeview FlyDVB Trio TV Tuner years ago Try dmesg - see what that generates. Need to kill tvheadend service on resuming from suspend - Added by Patrick Swayze almost 5 years ago Hi Lifeview FlyDVB Trio TV Tuner About location of tvheadend Aumix is one of the few mixers in portage emerge: The -I means interactive mode, which will bring up the console or X window program. By default, the "R" recording device will be set to Video. Change it to any of the other options Line 1 or Line 2 to record onboard audio.


In console mode for aumix, use the arrow keys to select Line1 or Line2, and then the space bar to select that one as the recording device. In the X Lifeview FlyDVB Trio TV Tuner, just select it with your mouse so there is a red box next to it. Save your settings and exit. You don't need to worry about setting the volume on the tuner's mixer. If you don't want to manually set your mixer everytime you boot your computer, aumix makes it easy to do so with one command. To get the option to build saaoss eg.

Tvtime And Sound If you want to get sound from your cards dma output you can use sox. I am using tvtime and sox. I have chosen pcm to control sound in tvtime, but it is muting pcm after i close it. After some fight with bash i wrote this: Lifeview FlyDVB Trio TV Tuner if your system is pure alsa, I prefer the oss-emulation based sox method, because the sound latency is way better then with the pure alsa toolset method below.

The reason for this is that sox in the sample above just copies raw sound data from one dsp device to another without much buffering, which kills the latency in the arecord aplay sample. I finally came Lifeview FlyDVB Trio TV Tuner a slightly modified version of the above script, which is more pid-safe regarding the sox kill and also avoid ugly line noise while the analogue tuner is still syncing when tvtime starts: This guide will briefly cover how to configure mencoder emerge: For instructions on setting up mplayer and how to use mencoder, see the MEncoder guide.

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Lifeview FlyDVB Trio TV Tuner This guide will also try to explain how to use your card's onboard audio processor to record audio instead of using a cable from your tuner to your audio card. What You Don't Need For those tweakers who run around trying every option, let me assure you that these are some things you do not need to save you some time.

Setting up your tuner card to record or even watch TV requires a lot of configuration sometimes. Be sure to take notes as you go along, and record what works and what doesn't work. Once you have xawtv installed, go ahead and fix all your v4lctl settings so you can properly watch TV.

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Run this command to see your current settings: You can use the v4lctl command to change them to what they should be. Read man v4lctl for your options. There are two ways to set every v4lctl config: The most critical settings in getting your TV card to work, record, and use the onboard sound are going to be: Changing volume and mute don't appear to have any effect on being able to record sound. Below are some examples on how to set your v4lctl settings. If they are already listed correctly in "v4lctl list" then you won't need to change them. Lifeview FlyDVB Trio TV Tuner, if you set v4lctl input to S-Video, it should work, though I've never tested it.


Set your TV's audio mode to stereo: I would actually recommend installing and using tvtime emerge: Once your cable is connected to your Lifeview FlyDVB Trio TV Tuner card and you run tvtime, you should be able to watch TV just fine. I apologize for the US-centric settings, but it's the only thing I've ever had to fiddle with: Not needed if you have a pass through cable directly from TVcard to Soundcard input - Specify input default: The TV norm depends on the capture card.

See the console output for a list of available TV norms. Video 4 Linux 2 input author: WindowsWindows XP; Version: This package contains the files needed for installing the Lifeview FlyDVB Trio TV Tuner Driver If it has been installed, updating. Here is a step by step manual guide for FlyDVB Trio software installation process on Lifeview FlyDVB Trio TV Tuner Vista / XP. 1 Download TV Tuner Lifeview LRzip file for.


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