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I really wanted to give just a couple of in Asus G74SX-RH71 insightful views into what my experience has been with this laptop.

Asus G74SX-RH71 if this helped out anyone to decide whether to buy this or not, then thats great. Im over-satisfied. The laptop itself was enough to fully satisfy me. But the addition of the cool desktop rotation software was the icing on the cake. Very heavy for a laptop and may not fit into Asus G74SX-RH71 carrying bags.

This model does not include the asus Asus G74SX-RH71 and mouse. The sound card is downright terrible. Throttling CPU issue kills performance in many games but you can fix this, see below Pros: Possibly the best cost: Scores around in 3Dmark11 out of box, with OC. Asus G74SX-RH71

Asus G74SX-RH71 iQM GHz GB 16GB GTX - LBN

Asus G74SX-RH71 laptop is amazing! I bought it a few days ago. Ncix graciously accepted my in-store price match against amazon.


Taking this laptop Asus G74SX-RH71 of the box, 3 things struck me. The quality of the build, the quality of the monitor, and its substantial weight About 9lb. XX or You should also get "ThrottleStop 4. After doing those 2 things, the laptop performs admirably in both shogun2 and Skyrim.

Asus G74SX-RH71 or Metabox P151HM1

At p no AA, 4xAF, high shadows, max everything else, my laptop had fps outdoors and indoors Asus G74SX-RH71 may do a little better or worse, it always varies. Generally, temperatures under 90C are considered very OK, but I dont intend to push mine any further.

I always turn AA and Vsync off in eery game because at p on Asus G74SX-RH71 17in monitor, you can hardly see the difference. However, even highend desktops struggle with Witcher Asus G74SX-RH71 advanced settings, so this is normal. At p with most settings medium-high, SSAO, bloom, lightshafts all on, No AA, and with all the other stuff off, Witcher runs at only fps with OC, most fights play out at around 25fps. I find this kind of terrible, so I turned down the resolution and it ran quite flawlessly, with fps. Do not buy this system expecting to blaze through all the latest games at p with maxed everything because it simply cant.

One thing I noticed pretty early on about this laptop is that after turning Asus G74SX-RH71 the touchpad using the function keys, it will not work again when you try to turn it on. This can apparently be fixed by installing new ATK drivers.


One last thing I need to point out is that the sound on this system is terrible, and I dont mean the speakers, i mean the actual chip and software behind the sound. When you get this laptop, be sure to change THX TruStudio mode to headphones or Asus G74SX-RH71 speakers, depending on what you are using Even at the appropriate settings though, the sound on this system is extremely sub par. Everything from music to games sound extremely "tinny" and bass the is flat and weak.

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Windows 7 Ultimate or other editions available; Intel® Core™ i7 QM Processor; Housing the power of a tricked out desktop gaming Asus G74SX-RH71 G74Sx redefines. Buy ASUS Laptop G74 Series G74SX-RH71 Intel Core i7 2nd Gen QM ( Asus G74SX-RH71 12 GB Memory GB HDD NVIDIA GeForce GTX M " Windows  Memory‎: ‎12 GB DDR3.

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