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Connect through iSCSI for the fastest data transfer speeds available and make wasted disk space a thing of the past with thin provisioning's flexible storage functionality.


Rsync Backing up your data is very necessary, and everyone has specific needs when it comes to storage. Whether there are two users oruser quotas Thecus i5500 NAS it easy to divvy up and manage disk space. Overview Not everyone can possess a rackmount NAS.


Thecus i5500 NAS with its dual Gigabit Ethernet ports with load balancing and failover, users will always have access to their data. Equipped with eight 3. This combination brings a powerful yet cost-effective network attached storage solution that is perfect for medium-to-large organizations. With this capability, users can centrally manage and Thecus i5500 NAS storage for their entire network. Incorrect handling Sometimes Thecus NAS can already suffer damages on their route of transport caused by incorrect handling or physical influences drop, shock, heavy vibrations. Electronic damages caused by over-voltage If a Thecus NAS is non-stop operating, this also means that it needs a continuous power supply.

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In case of a storm or lightning, over-voltage based damages on the NAS itself or the hard drives can occur. Another Thecus i5500 NAS are wrong or defective power supplies, that can cause over-voltage.

Thecus n5200 firmware downgrade software

The i also packs advanced data protection capabilities in its compact housing, including Local N-way mirroring, offline array roaming and smart faulty sector relocation. Administration can be conveniently performed through Thecus sterling web interface, and Thecus i5500 NAS something go amiss, Thecus i5500 NAS i can notify administrators immediately via email or SNMP trap. I agree there are far more important things to deal with right now than file management. With nsync, users can have the npro automatically upload files to an remote storage device at a designated time. I submitted a ticket on thecus esupport system, and after i repied the mail by mail client, such as microsoft outlook express, i cant find my reply posted to the system.


The n is also equipped with nsync, thecus remote data backup application. Testing and performance Thecus i5500 NAS ran into a few unforeseen problems when it came to testing the n pro. We recommend backup the raid data before firmware upgrade.

There is much talk about the firmware causing many problems from slow transfer speeds to hard drives not falling asleep anymore. Previous reports Thecus i5500 NAS poor firmware are not apparent in my unit. But tim higgins found more of a diamond in the rough than a polished gem. The following characters are not allowed to be included in the name used for a file or shared folder when using mac os appletalk devices.

Thecus Technology I - NAS Server I

Root folders created with os7 through the gui control panel shared folder are not visible within os5, so please backup this data first before downgrading to os5. Thecus n pro downgrade from Thecus i5500 NAS to v2 final release firmware thecus nnpro firmware is an essential driver for firmware, by thecus software Thecus i5500 NAS note 1. If you encounter any problems with the website, please contact us at.

Here you can download these modules and the cross tools used to build most Thecus i5500 NAS them. Building off the success of the thecus n, the n incorporates the latest thecus innovations for unrivaled efficiency and data security. Thecus n ip storage server 3 unpacking before unpacking the thecus n check that the package is not damaged. Linux nas thecus n dual dom with dual protection.

Bedienungsanleitung thecus i server manualsworld. i Unrivaled performance and security for modern enterprises i/iR to your Ethernet network and begin enjoying legendary Thecus performance. For users that need their data in a hurry, the i/iR has them covered. The i/iR brings unparalleled data throughput via iSCSI. With a Thecus i5500 NAS.

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