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By Chris Roper Logitech's commitment to quality PC gaming peripherals, such as mice, joysticks and its recently announced gaming keyboardhas Logitech G5 Laser Mouse unwavering and generally top-notch for years now. Its new G-series of gaming products is aimed at the hardest of the hardcore, a fact evident in its G5 Laser Mouse. The G5 is a gaming-oriented and tweaked version of Logitech's MX optical mouse. But while it features on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments and, from a quick look, a very similar physical design to the MX, almost every aspect of the mouse has been tweaked with gaming in mind. The G5 Laser Mouse, as its name implies, uses Logitech's laser technology for tracking input. The mouse is rated at dpi and, as you'd assume by its spec, is incredibly accurate. We'd say it's Logitech G5 Laser Mouse most accurate mouse yet, but as its high-end products have been virtually flawless in that regard for a while now it's basically impossible for us to measure how much better it is.

Regardless, the G5's tracking is also very surface agnostic.

We tried it on our wood desk, a few mouse pads, pants and even an arm, and we found that it works well even on skin. Really, the G5 should perform excellently on pretty much any surface you place it. As mentioned, at a quick glance the G5's design looks to be very similar Logitech G5 Laser Mouse the MX but practically the whole mouse has gotten an overhaul. Firstly, the two buttons for switching sensitivity up and down are now both located below the scroll wheel, making the button to raise sensitivity much easier to press than before it's above the wheel on the MX Speaking of the wheel, it's raised a fair bit higher than Logitech's other mice, making it a more prominent button. It also features left and right scrolling which is nice, and the Logitech G5 Laser Mouse is a little stiffer with "thicker" stop points.

For scrolling between weapons and whatnot, the wheel works very well.


It's sort of a toss-up whether it's better than the wheel on the MX for this, it'll likely be a matter of opinion for many people. Regardless, it does work very well.

Logitech G5 Laser Mouse Driver, Software, Manual, Firmware Download

That is, the wheel works very well for scrolling. The Logitech G5 Laser Mouse button function is far less than ideal, bad enough to the point where we didn't bother assigning any functions to it. It's a short, squishy throw that doesn't register a click somewhat often because of its odd feel, and most of the time you end up clicking it to scroll either Logitech G5 Laser Mouse or right. We're certainly not a fan of this aspect and far prefer the MX's wheel click to this.

If you're a die-hard user of the click wheel for functions, you'll want to pass on the G5. An odd decision was made to remove the forward button on the left side of the mouse.

Logitech G5 Laser Mouse Driver, Software, Manual, Firmware Download

The back button is still there, though folks who use the forward button often will be miffed at this. The back button is a tad larger just a smidge than it was on the MX, but other than that it's functionality and usability are identical; that is to say, it's a very useful, Logitech G5 Laser Mouse to hit and responsive button. The grip that surrounds the G5 is textured, making it easier to keep a grip on the mouse if your hands tend to get sweaty while in tight matches.


Not that it was easy to lose grip of the MX series of mice, but the grip factor is another nod at Logitech's attempts to perfect the G5 for all-night gamers. First, let's hit up the sensitivity aspect. The MX introduced on-the-fly sensitivity adjustments, allowing users to drop the native dpi resolution down to as low as dpi or anywhere Logitech G5 Laser Mouse.

It worked excellently on the MX, allowing gamers to quickly adjust the mouse's resolution to slow down the mouse and gain more accuracy for sniping or whatever. For instance, at its highest setting you might have the mouse set to dpi for both its X and Y movement, but a middle setting might put its X sensitivity at and its Y sensitivity Logitech G5 Laser Mousemaking left-right movement twice as fast as up-down. It's a bit odd playing with an unmatched setting, though we can certainly see some folks making great use of it. Either way, it works perfectly. The software is exceedingly easy to use to set this up. A quick unchecking of one box allows you to set the two axis individually and really fine-tune your sensitivity settings.

One possible downside for some people is that each setting must remain between the one above and below it. In other words, if your top setting is dpi and your low setting is dpi, both your X and Y settings for your middle setting must be between and dpi. So in this scenario you can't have an X sensitivity of but a Y sensitivity of The biggest and most original feature of the G5 is its weight customizability. The mouse's natural weight is roughly the same as the MX or any of Logitech's other mice in the MX line. Questions about your G5 Laser Mouse?

Logitech G5 Laser Mouse Driver, Software, Manual, Firmware Download

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