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File ATKPackage_Win7_64_VERzip — Utility for Asus XU

Contact Us name Please enter your name. Crossed Speaker Icons f Allows you to use a larger portion of the keyboard for number entering. Allows you to use a larger portion of the keyboard for cell navigation. This allows switching between diferent display color enhancement modes in order to improve contrast, brightness, Asus X401U ATKACPI tone, and color saturation for red, green, and blue independently.


You can see the current mode through the onscreen display OSD. Toggles Life Frame software application.


For Asus X401U ATKACPI models, this function is available only when you enable the camera. This key toggles power savings between various power saving modes. The power saving modes control many aspects of the Notebook PC to maximize performance versus battery time. Applying or removing the power adapter will automatically switch the system between AC mode and battery mode.

Download Asus Slimbook X401U All Drivers For Windows 7 32/64-bit

You can see the current mode through the on-screen display OSD. Toggles Windows Calculator application.

The extended keyboard has a dedicated numeric keypad for easy number entry. The pointer direction keys are for navigation between felds or cells such as those in a spreadsheet or table.

Microsoft Windows Keys There are two special Windows keys on the keyboard as described below. The key with the Windows Logo activates the Start menu located at the bottom left of the Windows desktop.

Asus X401U ATKACPI other key, that looks like a Windows menu with a small pointer, activates the properties menu and is equivalent to pressing the right mouse button on a Windows object. The following defnes the meaning of each multimedia control key on the Notebook PC. Use the [Fn] key in combination with the arrow keys for CD control functions. Some control key functions may defer depending on Notebook PC model. During CD play, pauses CD play. Stops CD play. Battery Charge Indicator dual-color The dual-color battery charge indicator shows the status of the batterys power as follows: Green ON: Orange ON: Orange Blinking: The light fashes proportional to the access time. When the built-in wireless LAN is enabled, this indicator will also light. Windows software settings are necessary. Capital lock allows some of the keyboard letters to type using capitalized letters e.

A, B, C. When the capital lock light is OFF, the typed letters will be in the lower case form e. Number lock allows some of the keyboard letters to act as numbers for easier numeric data input. Using the Notebook PC Notebook PC User Manual 55 Touchpad The touchpad is an interactive device that interprets the gestures and position of your fngers to simulate the functions of a regular mouse. It is also an alternative to mouse to position cursor onscreen. The following illustration shows the features of the touchpad: Left-click button area inside the dotted-line Right-click button area outside the dotted-line DO NOT use any objects in place of your fnger to operate the touchpad.

These objects may damage the touchpads surface.

A device driver is still required for working with some application software. Moving the pointer You can tap or click anywhere on the touchpad to activate its pointer, then slide your fnger on the touchpad to move the pointer Asus X401U ATKACPI. Click once to select an item, then double-click to open. Click once to select an item and view its menu options. Left click Right click Drag Select an item by tapping twice, then slide the same fnger without lifting it of the touchpad. Release your fnger from the touchpad to drop the item on its new location. ASUS XU ATKACPI Driver for Windows 7/Windows 8 · DOWNLOAD NOW. downloads · Added on: November 27, · Manufacturer: ASUS. Description:ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities for ASUS XU Type: Utilitie If you want to upgrade your OS from Win 7 to Win 8,to preven software.

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