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On the back is a single speaker that actually sounds very good.

You can listen to music or audiobooks while you perform ICARUS Reader eXceL tasks. There is full multitasking support for your audio experience, which I always like. Battery life will ICARUS Reader eXceL you around 10 hours of constant use with the 1, mAh Lithium Ion battery. If you turn the wireless internet off you can garner around 8, page turns, which is enough for a month or two for your average user.

  • Icarus Excel Review - Rebranded Onyx M92

It ICARUS Reader eXceL weighs grams and the dimensions are xx11mm. We easily held it with one hand for around twenty minutes and it felt lighter than most competing models. On the whole, the hardware is very good.


It gives you a robust e-reading experience and everything loads very quickly. One of the shortfalls of traditional large screen devices is that the companies have to compromise on the hardware to offer it at a respectable price.


This unit costs around US and is tremendous value for your money ICARUS Reader eXceL you are looking for a 9. Software The Icarus Excel is running on a Linux interface and gives you a wide array of options and apps. There are three different games for you to play, which are puzzles along the same vein as Sudoku. There are around 12 different language options that will set all the menus and settings.

Russian, Polish, Spanish, French, English, and many more popular European languages are represented, making this a truly international e-reader. There are many custom applications like Sketch, Dictionary, Notes, Calender, web browser, and internal storage. Most of these apps are dependent on the stylus, such as the drawing app. There are no files or folders, and everything is basically ICARUS Reader eXceL and dropped via Windows Explorer.

If you load lots of music, books, and other content, it could quickly become cluttered. On the software side of things, this e-reader is fairly basic. It blends the touchscreen functionality with the type of dictionary and internet browsing features that most users demand in a dedicated e-reader. Reading Experience Bar none, this e-reader is the best we have ever reviewed for PDF functionality and should be the one you select if you are a student or someone who has very image-heavy books. The best feature is ICARUS Reader eXceL ability to highlight passages of text and export them to physical TXT files.

Icarus Excel Review (Onyx M92)

You can then access them via Windows Explorer and copy them right to your PC. When you highlight text, you can save the text to an independent file, so you can compile a ton of study notes and have them handy for easy reference. The other great PDF option is the ability to use the stylus to draw, underline, take notes, or just doodle. This in effect creates a duplicate of your PDF but with all ICARUS Reader eXceL drawings and notes compiled within it. The ability to export your notes into physical text files is something that hardly any other e-readers on the market currently offer. This feature ICARUS Reader eXceL completely won me over.

Review of the Icarus Excel – inch e-Reader

You can also highlight and take notes when you are reading ePub books and export them to dedicated TXT files. Notes are ICARUS Reader eXceL as you are reading the book and can be saved to your PC. One of the more useful elements is being able to hand write text with the stylus ICARUS Reader eXceL the predictive keyboard will write it as digitized text. The frame is plastic and while it feels pretty sturdy it does make slight creaking noises when handling the device, and the plastic finish is prone to showing fingerprints and smudges and scratches.

Review of the Icarus Excel – 9.7 inch e-Reader

The device is more suited for being in a cover anyway so I guess that's not a big deal. There are four buttons on the left side of the screen. Two are page turn buttons, one is a back button, and the other is a menu button that for some strange reason has a home icon on ICARUS Reader eXceL. There ICARUS Reader eXceL volume buttons and a power button on the bottom edge and a nav wheel on the right side of the screen that moves the cursor and makes selections. It also changes text size on the fly and turns pages when reading ebooks.

There's a speaker on the back of the device that sounds pretty crackly. Luckily there's also a 3. It has a i. I loaded the same 90MB PDF ICARUS Reader eXceL both devices and the Kindle can open it in about 2 seconds and turn pages in less than one second. The Excel takes about seconds to load it and seconds to turn pages. I haven't had this Icarus Excel ereader for long enough to really put it through its paces, but so far I like it a lot. I got it primarily for reading--and taking handwritten. Overview. The Icarus Excel is one of a few E Ink ebook readers with a " display.

These larger-screen ebook readers are much better for reading PDF files than.

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