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Here's the spiel on the details of the new Audigy 2: This is worth a look to see how they compare the new card to the out going Audigy 1. Check it out here http: Here's a small taste of the specs: The full list of specs is to long to poste here, so head on over and check out the full list AnandTech http: Logitech announces MX Performance mouse series Following on from yesterdays new post on the new MX mouse from Logitech, the company has officially announced http: Here's a clip Gigabyte GA-8SDX F6 the announcement: Designed for the most demanding of conditions, these three new mice from Logitech are engineered to provide advanced precision and control.

Powered by the MX Optical Engine, the mice capture up to 4. There are eight customizable buttons and one scroll wheel which doubles as a clickable button on the MX That should certainly make all the "button lovers" happy. Gigabyte GA-8SDX F6 left and right click buttons are installed in a very interesting fashion, which adds a "hype" factor to the mouse.

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They are actually part of the silver body of the Gigabyte GA-8SDX F6. The buttons do not feel like those on the Apple Pro Mouse, which requires you to press on the whole Gigabyte GA-8SDX F6 body to make a click, and they feel like regular mouse buttons. There are three little round buttons between the left and right click buttons.

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Two of them, located at the two ends of the scroll wheel, comprise the "Cruise Control Scrolling System". Fast RF Cordless technology used in the MX has been improved Gigabyte GA-8SDX F6 Logitech to match the speed of a USB connection, allowing you to use the mouse within a six foot radius of the receiver.

Unlike the older cordless mice which could only transmit signals at a rate of 40hz, equivalent to the speed of a PS2 port, the new Fast RF technology can transmit signals at hz, which is actually faster than what the USB port can handle hz. You won't miss out on a bit of the optical performance or accuracy because you will not be limited by Gigabyte GA-8SDX F6 speed of the radio signal.

Check out the whole review of Gigabyte GA-8SDX F6 mouse here http: Use standard KMD interface to search the web Customizable skins: Customize Gigabyte GA-8SDX F6 basic desktop interface Shared playlists: Create unique shared playlists and search for other KMD users playlists Improved image handling: More image formats supported Unlimited bitrates: Higher quality files possible with increased bitrates Integrity Rating: Files labeled by peers according to technical quality and completeness of meta data to enhance reliability Participation Level: Frequent KMD users and those who frequently rate files rewarded with higher priority in download queues Integrated anti-virus protection: Shared folders automatically scanned on startup and after each download Expanded Help section: Quicker orientation for new users, new tips and tricks for savvy users You check out more info here http: In a surprising move today, Infogrames UK released an official statement regarding the worldwide release date of Unreal II.

Contradicting its own word of confirmation given to us last week see herethe publisher has now informed us that the US edition of the game is on track, with the European version trailing in its wake.

Infogrames US has always been aware that Unreal II is down for, and has always been down for, a release date before the end of the calendar year in the US. IFPI has announced a new, optional logo that record companies can use to inform consumers that a CD incorporates technology to control copying. The logo is available for use by record companies internationally, Gigabyte GA-8SDX F6 is being announced in consultation with IFPI's national associations in 46 countries, and with music Gigabyte GA-8SDX F6 worldwide. The logo could feature either on the artwork of the CD or as a sticker, and may be accompanied by additional information about the technology being used.

Gigabyte GA-8SDX User Manual

Copy control discs are a response to the sharp increase in piracy, multiple copying and illegal internet distribution of recorded music. They aim to help protect artists, songwriters, record companies, retailers and everyone else involved Gigabyte GA-8SDX F6 making and distributing music on CD.

IFPI represents the international recording industry with more than 1, record company members in over 75 Gigabyte GA-8SDX F6 and has affiliated national associations in 46 countries. Read the full story here http: Change your Windows XP product licensing key by Microsoft Microsoft has posted details of how to change the volume licensing product key on a Windows XP SP1-based computer, stating that because of changes in Windows XP Service Pack 1 SP1Windows XP-based computers that use a leaked product key that is known to be available to the general public may not be able to install SP1 or automatically obtain updates from the Windows Update Web site.

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You can follow Microsoft's own instructions on how to change the key here http: Gigabyte GA-8SDX F6 this a case of bowing to pressure maybe. The remarking does have one drawback for motherboard manufacturers however, the remarked chipset cannot be applied on PCBs used Gigabyte GA-8SDX F6 the former KT You can read more on this over at DigiTimes http: The Tech Report asks if MB is better than 64MB on your video card The Tech Report have posted a new guide that asks the question blank Does 64MB of extra memory make that much of a difference in your graphics card http: The 64MB version, meanwhile, runs stock with MHz memory.


Overclocking is necessary here to isolate memory size as a variable for the purposes of this article. This isn't a review of 64 vs MB cards, but more of a generalized comparison of different graphics memory sizes.

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You can check out our initial GeForce4 Ti review or our subsequent round-up of different GeForce4 Ti cards for benchmarks and analysis Gigabyte GA-8SDX F6 cards running at stock speeds. It feels weird saying this, because it seems like only yesterday that MB graphics cards even became available, but serious gamers should really only be looking at MB cards. Socket for IntelĀ® PentiumĀ®4 processorSiS / chipsetSupports PC memoryCreative CT audio chipATX form g: F6.


View and Download Gigabyte GA-8SDX user manual online. F5:Previous Values F6:Fail-Safe Defaults F7:Optimized Defaults Figure8: PC Health Status?

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