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Other supported architectures are similar.


Reading or writing files in procfs invokes kernel functions that simulate reading or writing from a real file. CPU0 0: Interrupts numbered 0—2, 4, 5, 12, and 15 are present this system.

Programmable interrupt controller

Handlers not installed on lines are not displayed. The second column is a counter of the number of interrupts received. A column is present for each processor on the system this system has one processor: On this system: The timer interrupt has received AMD Interrupt Controller, interrupts The sound card EMU10K1 has received none which is an indication that it has not been used since the machine booted. The third column is the interrupt controller handling this interrupt. The last column is the device associated with this interrupt. If the interrupt is shared, as is the case with interrupt number 4 in this example, all the devices registered on the interrupt line are listed.

These AMD Interrupt Controller enable you to disable the interrupt system for the current processor or mask out an interrupt line for the entire machine. Controlling the interrupt system provides synchronization.

Introduction of AMD Virtual Interrupt Controller

Disabling interrupts guarantees that an interrupt handler will not preempt the current code. Disabling interrupts also disables kernel preemption. However, neither disabling interrupt delivery nor disabling kernel preemption provides any protection from concurrent access from another processor. Because Linux supports multiple processors, kernel code generally needs to obtain AMD Interrupt Controller sort of lock to prevent another processor from accessing shared data simultaneously.

These locks are often obtained in conjunction with disabling local interrupts. The lock provides protection against concurrent access from another processor. Disabling interrupts provides protection against concurrent access from a possible interrupt handler. Chapters 9 and [Chapter 10] ch These functions are usually implemented as a single assembly operation, which depends on the architecture. In other words, they disable and enable interrupt delivery AMD Interrupt Controller the issuing processor.

Chapter 7. Interrupts and Interrupt Handlers - Shichao's Notes

However, a common concern is a to restore interrupts to a previous state. It is much safer to save the state of the interrupt system before disabling it. Then, when you are ready to reenable interrupts, you simply restore them to their original state [p]: This parameter contains architecture-specific data containing the state of the interrupt systems. Because at least one supported architecture, such as SPARC, incorporates stack information into the value, flags cannot be passed to another function specifically, it must remain on the same stack frame. For AMD Interrupt Controller reason, the call to save and the call to restore interrupts must occur in the same function. All the previous functions can be called from both interrupt and AMD Interrupt Controller context.

Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller

If another processor called this method, it would have to wait until interrupts were enabled before continuing. The corresponding enable call was named sti.


These interfaces were deprecated during 2. This means that code that previously only had to disable interrupts globally to ensure mutual-exclusive access to shared data now needs to AMD Interrupt Controller a bit more work. Previously, driver writers could assume a cli used in their interrupt handlers and anywhere else the shared data was accessed would provide mutual exclusion.

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The cli call would ensure that no other interrupt handlers and thus their specific handler would run. If another processor entered a AMD Interrupt Controller protected region, it would not continue until the original processor exited its cli protected region with a call to sti.

The advantages of removing the global cli are: It forces driver writers to implement AMD Interrupt Controller locking. A fine-grained lock with a specific purpose is faster than a global lock, which is effectively what cli is. It streamlined a lot of code in the interrupt system.


The result is simpler and easier to comprehend. In some cases, it is useful to disable only a specific interrupt line for the entire system. This is called masking out an interrupt line. Introduction of AMD Virtual Interrupt Controller. 1. Introduction AMD Interrupt Controller AMDAdvanced Virtual InterruptControllerXenSummit Wei HuangAugust. In computing, a programmable interrupt controller (PIC) is a device that is used to combine The IRR specifies which interrupts are pending acknowledgement, and is typically a symbolic register which can not be directly accessed. The ISR.

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