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Copies are available free of charge to Federal employees, current contractors and grantees, and nonprofit organizations - in limited quantities - from the Library Services Office MDResearch Triangle Park, North Carolina ; or, for a fee, from the National Technical Information Service.

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The contents of this report are reproduced herein as received from Southwest Research Institute. The opinions, findings, and conclusions expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Mention of HP Mini 110-1140EA Notebook IDT HD Audio or product names is not to be considered as an endorsement by the Environmental Protection Agency. This project was under the overall direction of Mr. The project began July 7, and was authorised by Contract No. To the extent possible, comparisons were made to similar vehicles powered by engines that use gasoline as a fuel. For example, one part of the report is a comparison of the emissions, fuel economy, noise and acceleration characteristics of a pair of Volkswagen Rabbit and a pair of Oldsmobile Cutlass passenger cars. Each pair included a vehicle powered by a Diesel engine and a vehicle powered by a gasoline engine. The effect of jveral engine HP Mini 110-1140EA Notebook IDT HD Audio on particulate and sulfate emissions is also discussed, A Caterpillar Heavy-Duty Diesel HDD engine was operated at several timings, with EGR, and in am open chamber direct injected as well as pre- chamber configuration.

A pair of Daimler-Benz 0M HDD engines, one turbo- charged and one not, were used to evaluate the effect of turbocharging.

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The passenger car studies were based on recognized transient chassis dynamometer driving cycles for city, congested freeway, and highway type operation. The HDD engines wore operated by mainly the mode Federal cycle, or short versions thereof,on a stationary dynamometer. Emissions of major interest were unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, sulfate, particulate, HP Mini 110-1140EA Notebook IDT HD Audio, odor, various aldehydes and specific hydrocarbons, benzo a pyrene, and particle size distribution.


Heavy-Duty Engine Characterization 1 B. Heavy-Duty Engines 8 B. Light-Duty Vehicles 10 C. Test Fuels and Lubricants 12 D. Test Plans 15 E.

Elemental and Metal Analyses 76 E. Benzo a pyrene Analyses 79 F. Odor and Related Instrumental Analyses 84 G. Specific Hydrocarbons 97 V. Effect of Turbocharging C. Effect of Injection System D. Regulated Emissions and Fuel Economy B. Odor Ratings and Related Analysis H. Polynuclear Aromatics K, Noise L. Sulfate and Particulate Characterization E. SUMMARY Though long appreciated by those who operate heavy-duty engines in trucks, buses, locomotives, and ships, the efficiency of the Diesel engine is also an undeniable advantage in passenger cars.

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Certain engine emissions from Diesels such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons are low relative to the uncontrolled gasoline engine. Certain other byproducts of combustion are greater than from the gasoline HP Mini 110-1140EA Notebook IDT HD Audio such as smoke, odor and particulate. This project was performed in three segments, two of which dealt with heavy-duty enqines used in trucks and the third with passenger cars equipped with Diesel and gasoline; engines. Each segment is briefly summarized as follows. Heavy-Duty Enqine Characterization Three truck engines were subjected to a series of tests to determine emission rates of unburned hydrocarbons HQ, carbon monoxide COoxides of nitroqen NOxaldehydes, sulfate, benzo a pyrene BaPparticulate and smoke. The two Diesel engines were a Hack ETAY B 67 3A, used in large intercity tractor trailer trucks and a Caterpillar equipped with an automatic exhaust gas recirculation EGR used in larqe intracity delivery trucks.

A gasoline fueled Chevrolet heavy-duty engine, used in the same size delivery truck as thewas included for comparison. Both the Caterpillar and Chevrolet were con- trolled to meet California emission levels. Emissions and brake specific fuel consumption were measured using the mode Federal cycle as well as a 2 3-mode test cycle. Each comprises various combinations of engine speeds and loads and were performed on stationary engine dynamometers.

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Some of the highlights were: The HC emission rate was about half that of the gasoline while the NOx emis- sions of the Diesel enqine were about ten percent higher than the N0X emis- sions of the gasoline enqine. This was due to the EGR rate scheduling some EGR at part load while no exhaust is recirculated during the full power mode, the major condition simulated by the Federal smoke test. This resulted in a mode composite parti- culate rate of 2. Sulfate - Both Mack and Caterpillar Diesels continue to convert about on the order of 1 to 2 percent of the fuel sulfur to what is analyzed as sulfate by the barium chloranilate BCA method. The fuel sulfur conversions, though seeminqly negligible, are based on a Diesel fuel with "National Average" sulfur content about eight times that of the "National Average" HP Mini 110-1140EA Notebook IDT HD Audio level in gaso- line.

Because of HP Mini 110-1140EA Notebook IDT HD Audio presence of the lead and its byproducts of combustion, it was not possible to obtain reliable or repeatable sulfate values by the BCA method for the Chevrolet engine. An alternative procedure will be necessary in the event there is continued interest in sulfate from non-oxidation catalyst equipped engines burning leaded gasoline.

Elemental Analysis - Whereas Diesel particulate is principally carbonaceous or hydrocarbon derived matter, the gasoline particulate is composed of lead and its byproducts of combustion, sulfuric acid mist and more or less carbonaceous matter, dependinq on combustion. Benzo a Pyrene - Except for the full power rpm and a 2 percent power-2 rpm conditions, negligible levels of BaP were measured from the Chevrolet HDG engine. This package contains HP Mini 110-1140EA Notebook IDT HD Audio IDT High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver, which enables the audio for HP Mini CTO Notebook IDT HD Audio  Missing: EA. Free Download HP Mini CTO Notebook IDT HD Audio Driver for Windows 7 (Sound Card)Missing: EA.

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