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For the latest information about these products, including instrument software upgrades, application information, and product information, see the following URLs: Is your product software up-to-date? Periodically, Keysight releases software updates to fix known defects and incorporate product enhancements.

To search for software updates for your product, go to the Keysight Technical Support website at: Contacting Keysight Sales and Service Offices Products Covered by this Document Security Terms and Definitions Summary of Memory Declassification Procedures User and Remote Interface Security Measures Keysight U8903B Audio Analyzer UB transmits a maximum output power of 5 dBm, ensuring that engineers can connect to, and accurately test, a wide variety of Bluetooth devices Keysight U8903B Audio Analyzer as headsets, smart devices and automotive head units. The received power indicator is a visual indication of the power strength of the device-under-test DUTand gives users a quick and convenient way to check that the Bluetooth-RF link is strong enough.

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Audio Analyzer with Bluetooth: UB Microwave Journal

This gives users a quick and Keysight U8903B Audio Analyzer way to check that the Bluetooth-RF link is strong enough. By monitoring changes in the BER value, engineers can determine the causes of the link quality deterioration. The loopback capability allows the uplink signal to be looped back at the UB and sent to the DUT, ensuring that both the uplink and downlink are tested at the same time. Without this feature, engineers will need to test the uplink and downlink separately, which would double the test time and require more wiring.

Loopback testing is applicable to Bluetooth module design or mobile devices which require a validation of its Bluetooth audio quality in both uplink and downlink communications. The feature provides highly accurate measurements as there is no potential audio degradation by the UB's internal audio signal processing.

Users also receive the full functions of audio measurement, with the tests processed in the analog audio domain, not the Bluetooth domain. Example of a loopback test case measuring the Bluetooth audio quality of a mobile phone.

NA wireless connectivity test set High performance audio test: UB Keysight U8903B Audio Analyzer audio analyzer with Bluetooth option Power test: Keysight power meters and power sensors family Network emulation: The instrument is capable of simultaneous measurement, on all channels, making the UB the ideal choice for multichannel systems such as 5. This option is ideal for looking at the spectrum from Class D amplifiers or switching supplies where frequency components or noise well above the audio band can have a detrimental effect on audio quality.

U8903B Benchtop Audio Analyzer

Make multi-function and high performance audio measurements with the new UB audio analyzer. Make multi-functional and higher performance audio measurements with the UB audio analyzer.

With extremely low residual distortion of.

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