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The vents for hot hair to be exhausted from the system can be found at both left and right side at the back of the chassis.

Acer Aspire V3-472PG Realtek LANAsk a Question
Toshiba Satellite C850 Intel ChipsetSoftware: MSI Dragon Gaming Center
Acer EQ45LMSoftware: SteelSeries Engine 3

Remove the bottom cover is pretty much breeze but do note that this is an engineering sample from MSI that comes without any warranty stickers. Retail version of the MSI GE72 2QE might be shipped with those stickers covering one of the screw hole and tampering the stickers will lead to the void of warranty. The stereo speakers of the GE72 2QE.

A pair of Intel GB M. MSI Dragon Gaming Center System Monitor is a pretty useful tool for one to monitor the system performance, shift mode, temperature and network speed. All the details MSI GE72 2QE Apache EC presented in the simplest form which can be easily understandable. The Utility allows you to compile all frequent used applications into the list for the ease of access. The instant play tab allows you to add your most frequent played games to the list and launch it via the P1 function key located at the F4 key. The mouse tab, allows you to control the mouse pointer speed, double click speed and scrolling line number easily without having to access the mouse properties in Control Panel.

The resource release tab lists out all the active programs and you can select the programs to be killed to release resources for the designated games when instant play is activated. The configuration MSI GE72 2QE Apache EC is very simple and straight forward — configuring macro, keyboard lighting, brightness, etc in one unified menu.

MSI Gaming GE72 2QE Apache Gaming Notebook Review

The macro editor menu is prompted upon clicking the launch button on the Macro Editor sector. You can record a specific key combination into a macro profile and then assign it to a specific key to aid your daily work or gaming needs. To configure macro function on a designated key, you can either select the key to program from the list of keys at the left of the menu, or simply right click on the key you wish to configure and a sub menu to configure the macro will appear — you can remap MSI GE72 2QE Apache EC keys, assign functions and configure the macro behavior through this.


MSI included adjustable system performance feature is a great feature to have on a gaming notebook as it greatly improve battery life by reducing the system performance so it is less taxing on the battery. Gaming In order to test the capability of the GE72 2QE, we have opted for ultra settings on all the games and synthetic benchmark which will be tested in this review. Shifting to Sports mode sacrifices the temperature for greater good — it unleashes the maximum potential of the GS 2QE and most games tested runs at decent FPS with no significant stuttering, but you will need a decent MSI GE72 2QE Apache EC pad for this. High lighting quality Godrays: And this is the lighting quality set to high.

Please be aware that the figures shown here are for reference only. The figure of top-open view and description shown below will lead you to browse the main operating area of your notebook. Quick Launch Buttons Use the quick launch buttons MSI GE72 2QE Apache EC activate the specific applications or tools. The following quick launch buttons will only be functional in the operating system with the SCM application installed. Find the SCM application in the all-in-one disk that comes with the package for easy and convenient operation.

Download MSI GE72 2QE Apache Pro EC Firmware EMS for OS Independent

It is strongly recommended to install the SCM application. With this application, users will be able to own several combinations of keyboard hot keys defined separately for specific occasions. Touchpad This is the pointing device of the notebook.


Keyboard The built-in keyboard provides all the functions of a full-sized keyboard. Use the [Fn] keys on the keyboard to activate the specific applications or tools. With the help of these keys, users will be able to do work more efficiently. The following keys will only be functional in the operating system MSI GE72 2QE Apache EC the SCM application installed. Play Key Setting] to define the quick launch button for launching a particular application. Once the setting has been made, press Fn and F4 keys to launch the appointed application. If users left this button undefined, press Fn and F4 keys will again bring up the tab MSI GE72 2QE Apache EC [Instant Play: Press again to turn it off.

Stereo Speakers Give high quality sound blaster with stereo system and Hi-Fi function supported.

Optical Disc Drive This notebook is equipped with an optical disc drive. The actual device preinstalled in the notebook depends on the model you purchased. Card Reader The built-in card reader may support SD3. Contact the local dealer for further and correct information and be noted that the supported memory cards may vary without notice. Kensington Lock This notebook provides a Kensington lock hole, which allows users to secure the notebook in place with a key or some mechanical PIN device and attached through a rubberized metal cable.

The end of the cable has a small loop which MSI GE72 2QE Apache EC the whole cable to be looped around a permanent object, such as a heavy table or other similar equipment, thus securing the notebook in place. Super Charger USB port provides faster power charging function for Apple devices when the notebook is in power off mode. Audio Port Connectors Make high quality sound blaster with stereo system and Hi-Fi function supported. I have a question about new BIOS for notebook GE72 2QE Apache Pro. I think you can update SCM, EC and BIOS again since sometimes  MSI GE72 2QE Apache PRO BIOS - MSI Forum.

Free Download MSI GE72 2QE Apache EC Firmware EMS MSI GE72 2QE Apache EC Windows bit (Firmware).

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