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For Nginx, there are available AJP modules and you can use one at your own risk. You will configure your certificate in your front-end server proxy1. Besides, you need to add the certificate to JVM truststore. For testing purpose, you can generate and use a self-signed certificate, as follows: Create a certificate using openssl if you are using Windows, replace parentheses with quotation marks: Import the certificate to Java truststore. If not AJP 8080, this attribute is set to false. AJP 8080

Vaadin Forum

This can be useful for portlet specification implementations. AJP 8080 default, DNS lookups are enabled. The feature can be disabled by setting this attribute to a value less than or equal to 0. If not specified, this attribute is set to 2 megabytes.

Connecting Tomcat with Apache

For FORM authentication the POST is saved whilst the user is re-directed to the login form and is retained until the user successfully authenticates or the session associated with the authentication request expires. The limit can be disabled by setting this attribute to Setting the attribute to zero will disable the saving of POST data during authentication. If AJP 8080 specified, this attribute is set to 4 kilobytes.

JkCoyoteHandler the AJP 8080 blocking Java connector by default. To use an explicit protocol rather than rely on the auto-switching mechanism described above, the following values may be used: JkCoyoteHandler - original blocking Java connector org.

AjpProtocol - new AJP 8080 Java connector that supports an executor org. Custom implementations may also be used.

Zimbra with Apache using mod jk - mod proxy - mod proxy ajp - Zimbra :: Tech Center

See Proxy Support for more information. It is enabled by default, but may be turned it off to AJP 8080 a bit of memory.


For example, if the Zimbra web interface is running at http: Disclaimer This procedure is not fully verified, so follow these directions at AJP 8080 own risk. Please edit this page if something is wrong or incomplete. Methods There are two different ways of accomplishing this: This method is easier but is generally considered to be less secure. Prerequisites Zimbra and Apache should both be installed.


If you are installing Apache after installing Zimbra, you AJP 8080 first need to change the specific port numbers that the Zimbra web interface uses. For example, if you originally configured Zimbra to use port 80, you will need to change AJP 8080 to another port such as in order for Apache to run on port You can do this with the zmprov command.

These instructions include the commands to use under Ubuntu Linux, which may need to be modified slightly under other distributions. In case you don't have AJP 8080 to this, or ports for ajp are disabled, you can basically achieve the same wirth Just replace the ajp:// tag AJP 8080 apache - What should be configured in AJP proxy.

Do it like AJP 8080 in the apache config: ProxyPass ajp://localhost/foo ProxyPassReverse ajp://localhost/ application running on tomcat. Unable to access over ajp.

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