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Login to ASUS TAICHI 31 Keyboard Device Filter a review! Look and feel The Transformer Book is, at its heart, a mashup between a laptop and a tablet a very big tablet, we might add. The tablet itself has the same spun-aluminum back as the Infinity tabletdone up in a familiar dark grey. Meanwhile, just like last year's Zenbook laptops, the keyboard dock takes on a pale champagne color, which carries over to both the main deck and the back side.


Basically, then, it's a two-tone, black-and-white cookie of a notebook, with dark metal blanketing one half and a lighter material covering the bottom. It's an unconventional choice, but it works. How often are you going to use ASUS TAICHI 31 Keyboard Device Filter inch Ultrabook as a tablet? Once we reacquainted ourselves with the familiar design language, we started to realize how heavy this thing is.

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In total, it clocks in at approximately 4. It might seem odd that the dock weighs as much as the tablet, but consider this: HP's inch Split x2 hybrid has a similar setup. Likely because of these added features, the Transformer Book's keyboard accounts for much of the total thickness as well: That's not bad at all considering there's a frickin' Core i7 processor inside, along with a ASUS TAICHI 31 Keyboard Device Filter to help keep it cool. That said, you'll probably be most impressed with the Transformer Book if you intend to actually use it in tablet mode. As a standalone slate, it weighs considerably less than the 3.

Relatively speaking, it's more comfortable to use, though it's still a little unwieldy. And as a laptop, the Transformer Book weighs more than either of those machines. And you have to wonder if it's worth it. And is it really that important that your PC take on the same form factor as an iPad or an Android tablet?

Both the Yoga 13 and XPS 12 have hands-free tablet modes, and they make room for big keyboards too. It would seem to us that leaves one, maybe ASUS TAICHI 31 Keyboard Device Filter good reasons to go with the Transformer Book: Otherwise, there are other form factors that accomplish the same thing as the Transformer Book, albeit with a greater emphasis on the laptop piece. No LED flash, sorry. Around back, you'll also find dual speakers, with one grille on each end. Holding the tablet in landscape mode, you've got the volume rocker on the left side, along with a micro-HDMI socket and a headphone jack.

Over on the right, there's an exposed microSD slot. On the bottom, obviously, are all the docking connectors that latch into the keyboard. There's also a proprietary charging port down there, which you'll find mirrored on the dock as well.

Naturally, a common connector means you can use the same cable to charge both devices, and at the same time, even. Interestingly, you don't have to hold it down to turn the device on, as you would with a real tablet; this really is more of a laptop without a keyboard. That about covers everything you might need in tablet mode. The dock, meanwhile, is home to almost all the ports you could ASUS TAICHI 31 Keyboard Device Filter want in a laptop and yes, that includes an Ethernet jack. The only thing missing is HDMI, but fortunately there's a world full of adapters you can buy if a simple TV hookup is what you're after.

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Finally, ASUS TAICHI 31 Keyboard Device Filter probably be interested to know what comes in the box. For starters, you get a simple black carrying case, along with two dongles: ASUS has been throwing in these sorts of extras for years, as any loyal customer will tell you, and we're glad the company is keeping it up. Keyboard dock and trackpad If you've owned or even played with a Zenbook Prime before, you know what to expect with the Transformer Book: For some time now, these keyboards have had plastic, not metal, buttons, with a good deal more travel than they used to. In fact, the company slightly adjusted the key travel this time around, making that the only change over previous models. Whether ASUS made the buttons deeper or shallower is hard to tell: All we know is that the keyboard offers more tactile feedback than most ultraportables, and that the buttons are bouncy and well-spaced enough that typos are unlikely we're sure you can find a way, though.

Seriously, when we think back to ASUS' first Ultrabook, where we had to mash the keys to make sure our presses registered, we're reminded of how far the company has come, at least in terms of typing experience.


Today, ASUS' keyboards don't call much attention to themselves. And that's a good thing. Lingering on the keys for a moment, you'll find a few functions built into specific buttons. The space bar, for instance, ASUS TAICHI 31 Keyboard Device Filter a control on the left end that activates the Power4Gear Hybrid application, where you can select different power management profiles. We left it on the default mode most of the time, because we're boring like that. ASUS TAICHI 31 Ultrabook Specifications.

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Processor - Intel Core i7 U /U Processor - Intel Core i5 U Processor Operating. There is no driver in windows 10 asus support page for asus gjy. Windows x64 gjy - ATK and Keyboard Device filter utility are present on drivers page. I don't need drivers list or something about ATK but thanks please keep the subject ASUS TAICHI 31 Keyboard Device Filter "Keboard Device Filter utility Missing: TAICHI ‎

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