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That's not to say that you should run a computer like this--heat is the enemy of computer parts after all--but it does show that Asus put more thought into the thermal engineering Asus ITX-220 Intel Chipset their motherboard. Both heatsinks are solid copper, where Intel opted for aluminum on their board. Unlike all of the similar Atom-based Intel motherboards based on the Express chipset, Asus did not put a fan on the GC northbridge.

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Even under heavy loading of the GMA graphics core, I could not make the board fail while operating in free air. Overall Performance Never let it be said that I don't go all the way to the top when I test a system. I even used a cardboard box instead of simple copy paper to keep the board from shorting out when set up on top of Ye Olde Reliable Deskpro EN. You can click here for a close up of the board. Asus ITX-220 Intel Chipset yes, that is a PC speaker attached to the motherboard. Yes, I'm old school.

As I said above, this board is a "bloody brilliant" product for the money, even if you pay full price which I didn't! I loaded this system up with an old GB Western Digital hard disk so old, in fact, that although it is a SATA drive, it uses a translation bridge to do the protocol conversion--it is a PATA Asus ITX-220 Intel Chipset at heart2 MB PC DIMMs which the Asus manual says will not work, but it didsome cheap speakers and a Samsung 15" flat panel display operating at x with a bit color depth. I was more than a little surprised when I found that installing the operating system from the external USB drive worked flawlessly. Somehow I expected that something stupid would happen when Windows setup took over control of the USB subsystem from the BIOS, thereby nullifying the emulation that made the external drive appear to be nothing more than an IDE device.


I really was anticipating a feature-length extravaganza that would result in hours of entertainment trying to persuade the machine into behaving--or at least my going and Asus ITX-220 Intel Chipset a SATA optical drive out of another system temporarily. Windows XP was installed and ready to use in right around 30 minutes. And then I hit it, starting up and using the software as a normal as normal as I happen to be, anyway person would. OpenOffice came into working order quickly. Firefox also worked perfectly well. It Asus ITX-220 Intel Chipset even possible to play high definition videos on YouTube, although that was pushing things just a little bit and caused the system to become a little less responsive.

Google Earth worked surprisingly well. Multitasking tests consisted of having all of the above applications open and in some state of use at the time. Again, the system didn't skip a beat or have any trouble keeping up.

ASUS ITX-220, LGA 775/Socket T, Intel Motherboard

It got to hitting the paging file a bit due to the low amount of installed RAM. This was not a problem at any point.

Chelsio N320E Server Adapter iSCSI Option ROMASUS ITX-220
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I never had any problems with video choppiness or the music streaming from the network cutting out. This Asus ITX-220 Intel Chipset just kept on flying along, and giving a very good account of itself. Miscellany There are some curious features present or not present on this board that can leave one wondering why they were put there. Asus--at least in theory--allows you to overlock this board and its Celeron processor. Within the setup program you will find settings for "AI Overclocking" functionality. When set to defaults, the overclocking functionality is set to an "automatic" configuration value. I'd swear to you that the first time I ventured into setup, I noticed that the CPU appeared to be clocked at 1. In fact, I'm very sure that it was. I hadn't even noticed that the processor appeared to be overclocked Asus ITX-220 Intel Chipset I'd already been tinkering with the board for a few hours.

ITX Motherboards ASUS Global

I can't prove this now because I tinkered with the settings and changed them to "manual" in an effort to evaluate the system when Asus ITX-220 Intel Chipset at its stock speed. After that point, whatever overclocking magic the system had was gone. From that point on, setting the BIOS to use automatic settings resulted in its running at the stock clock speed. When the manual setting was turned on, I could only adjust the system bus speed from to MHz.

As this only resulted in the system running at 1,MHz instead of 1,MHz, it really wasn't a worthwhile thing to do. The Asus ITX-220 Intel Chipset seemed to be willing to run at a MHz setting, at least on the short term. Gaining only 60MHz worth of clock speed will never be noticed, and I doubt the other components on the board would stand being overdriven all that long anyway. The small gain in speed would likely be offset almost immediately with strange crashes and other problems.


Maybe I dreamed the whole thing. I really don't think I did, though. I well remember thinking when I saw the 1. I did a double take at the time, and checked it again. Whatever the case, I did the same tests when the processor speed was reported to be "only" 1. It's completely baffling as to why these are present on a low-end, highly integrated board. IntelĀ® Celeron on board; IntelĀ® GC/ ICH7 chipset; 2 x DDR2 DIMM sockets support up to 4GB of system memory; High Speed Gigabit Lan Asus ITX-220 Intel Chipset.

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